Monday, July 2, 2012

Rick Baird - One Poem


You walk through long, twisted alleyways;
Snow falls lightly
resting on porches, old bottles and paper.
Turn back, enter my heart.

Teachers and friends draw you aside,
searching among writings, books and long speeches.
There is no peace; answers in mist.
Let your mind descend lower;
Turn back, enter my heart.

You walk solemnly, huddled against the cold,
your feet sticking to the earth,
your heart loathing its separateness.
See the whole, the Oneness.
Turn back, enter my heart.

Your separateness is stinking myth;
rising from the sewer grates in smoky distraction.
Recognize, disappear in my Love.
You are God; the Oneness is All.
Lo, I am with you always.
Turn back, enter my heart.

Baird was raised in Boulder when it wasn’t trendy to be there.  He still feels like his left brain is fighting his right brain since being born to a physicist parent and an artist parent. 

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