Friday, April 6, 2012

Ivan Jenson - Two Poems

Udder Truth

We feed into the frenzy
of the herd mentality
when we are kids
and our friendships
graze on the “hey” Joe casualness
of our company
and then we slaughter
our bonds over petty
patty-sized disagreements
and then we chew
the cud of estrangement
and we “moo”
as we get milked
by the hands of fate
on the pasteurized pasture
of past and future
and we all have
an expiration date
and on our
carton is
a picture of
the missing
we once were
eye’s vacant
in the frigid white coffin
of the fridge.

Whatever, Whenever

Was I brought up
just to be brought down?
Did I go into this world
only to ultimately retreat
into my own head
where I think about
the people
on the small set
of this three-act play
(childhood, adulthood, and
old age)
that ends in
blinds, shades
and curtains
when I will
be born back
to where I came from-
some womb, room,
tomb, and some
will say I was
taken too soon
and others
will say,
"who cares
he is not anyone
anymore, anyhow"?

Ivan Jenson's work has appeared in Word Riot, Zygote in my Coffee, Camroc Press Review, Haggard and Halo, Poetry Super Highway, Mad Swirl, Alternative Reel Poets Corner, and many other magazines, online and in print. Jenson is also a Contributing Editor for Commonline magazine. Ivan Jenson's debut novel Dead Artist is now available as a paperback and on Amazon Kindle and Nook.

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