Saturday, April 28, 2012

David S. Pointer - One Poem


Again Paracelsus said all health and disease
comes from God not man
again Paracelsus didn’t live in the most modern
century flourishing with nation state chemistry
again the chemical eugenics of the corporate
love cometh
again the Nazis used Sodium Fluoride in their
camps for sterilization and pacification
again American arms manufacturers sell Sodium
Fluoride to flow into toothpaste and tap water
again a 94% Sodium Fluoride base goes into
Ritalin and Prozac
again Eli Lily says we’ll have at least 50% of
school children on anti-depressants soon
again just who has been vandalizing Fair Play’s
small front porch pumpkin’s of propriety
again the English professors sing, prance, publish
and get paid for their collective criminal silence
again the chemical eugenics goes global as
China tries to win the poison game with the West
again the elite financial fingerprints are bigger than
the people’s carbon footprints and nobody care up
again a PBS doctor says human life is more important
than shelf life, but try telling the retailers or eugenicists
again come on out from behind the maiden’s blush
begonias with an active citizen’s pen and begin

David S. Pointer is has a multiplicity of publications throughout the internet, independent, and small press. His collections include Bargains (New Polish Beat) and Warhammer Piano Bar (Thunderclap Press). He has a forthcoming collection from Virgogray entitled, Sinister Splashplay. David lives in Tennessee. 

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