Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yoshira Marbel - Three Poems

Immortal Death

I sit in mourning
I mourn the death of my death
I touched it one night
I saw the bright light
brighter than any New York city light

but I was not befitting of its glory
like Romeo from Juliet
it was ripped from my grasp

death abandoned me
liberation turned its back
so I sit in mourning
of the thought,
of the death I almost had

Fields of Summer

an outcast
a prickly cactus
among the smiling blossoms

soft tiny whispers
false hurtful rumors
foolish assumptions
test the stamina of my self worth

by yellow sunrays
turned into a deadly killer – scorching heat

delicate blossom petals
thirsty stems
for a drop of heaven's tears

I smile
my thorns that once were mocked
ensure survival
my velvet green skin shines
I am

Murdered by Happiness

life defined
by depth of my suffering
encapsulated in darkness
a white flag raised in the battlefields of fate
a new enemy arrives
inner peace

soldiers of happiness
murder pieces of me
reincarnating my body
into a new life

Yoshira Marbel lives in South Africa.

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