Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dr. Yogesh Sharma - Two Poems

Death -A New Beginning

O! Death don’t scare your children,
One may doubt the existence of god,
But can’t doubt your reality,
Omnipresent death is always with me,
But I don’t fear the mightiest of all.

There is a mysterious door,
But where are the keys, nobody knows;
Looking impatiently and praying to God,
Life keeps on moving and without stop,
Age keeps on running and no retreat.

The Day of Judgment is pre destined,
And re-incarnation, accordingly,
Death should be embraced with a sense of fulfillment,
All the powers under the sun can be tamed,
Only one shot of your wild love can sleep all eternally.

O! Mysterious death, lift me in your wings, swiftly,
I want to give my farewell hug to my darling,
And see my creator face to face and say,
“Here comes one who spared no wrong,
Waste not your tears; he was a patriot, not a secular sinner.

Enlightened Soul

Enlightened soul,
Empowers a man with inner beauty.
A man with inner beauty,
Vibrates a house with harmony.
A harmonious house,
Brings order in a nation.
A nation with order,
Spreads peace in the world.
And a peaceful world,
Gives energy to the people.
And people with energy,
Have liberated self.
Liberated self,
Enlighten souls.

Dr.Yogesh Sharma is a teacher, poet, writer, columnist and NCC officer. His poems and articles are widely published in journals, newspapers and anthologies in India and abroad.

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