Monday, October 31, 2011

Barbara Sue Mink Spalding - Four Haiku

The Curl of the Fern II

Misty rain turns the
peace of this year’s summer to
still, deepening green.

Idaho State Fair--1964

Sun and sickness there
at the bleachers, with sawdust.
Mother was too late.

Japan –1500 AD
(Come along, come along)

It is in Edo
they say, that you can find the
best of all we are.

City Heat

Hot sun, red hot sun.
Waves of heat up from the street,
black night to cool all.

Barbara Sue Mink Spalding lives in Orange County, California, with an address in Westminster, she is currently homeless, looking for a place to live and for work. Barbara writes op-eds, poetry, and short stories. She is a member of the Sons of Italy, Hollywood Lodge, NAMI, and contributes to the October 22 Coalition. She's 52.

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