Saturday, October 22, 2011

Arjun Devanesan - One Poem

Wanderers in Deep Uncharted Jungle Territories
Seeking Medical Assistance

Giving people,
without obvious intention and lacking tact or subtlety,
catch viral infections from the most tacky of tropical climes,

being entirely insensitive to sanitation or hygiene
(in the metaphorical sense of course)
without reservation or even the slightest sense of direction,
wander aimlessly,
not to mention deliriously,
throughout the jungles of Borneo or Papua New Guinea,
desecrating the thereabouts and other such unspeakable indecencies,

proper medical
(or psychological for that matter)
treatment seems,
upon consideration,
unjustified as such an expense may seem in this instance
(though necessary as we,
being civilized,
without a doubt the most ludicrous waste of resources,
natural or unnatural,
that one could think of at a moments notice.

Arjun Devanesan was born in India but lived in Indonesia and Singapore before arriving in Essex, England. Arjun is a doctor most of the time, and writes with most of the rest of the time.

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