Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Louis Marvin - Two Poems

Mud Bucket

It's the weirdest thing I guess I do
and telling you, means we are special friends
I am a full grown man that makes mud pies
no, not with my grandkids or their friends
no, not to lure kids to a nightmare
I simply am a full grown man that likes to make mud pies in his backyard
like a man that likes to dress in his wife's clothes while she is at work
I go into the backyard, get some dirt in this old mud bucket
I get the hose and I make mud pies
I put stuff to represent toppings on them
I have it down to an art form

On Stage With Louis' BS Poems

“ladies and gentlemen, I present to you now, Paul Burks”
he comes out to a smattering of applause and looks nervously into the dark
while the light blinds him
clears throat, and steps to mic
“I can't believe I lost this bet, but here goes”
“These are some pieces from my friend Louis Marvin. I lost a bet and the bet was that I would come up here and recite some of his poems.”
“Ok, so this is called “Silence of the Lamb Chops”:
oh screaming lamb, shut the hell up
I'm a hungry SOB and you, young lamby
look lovely in your mint jelly jacket
some small potatoes and veggies on the side

He shakes his head, and sighs a heavy men's sigh into the mic
people look like they did when Andy Kaufman first hit the stage
“Ok, I'll do one more”
“This one is called “Who Needs Zombies?”:
I have been biting my nails like a gerbil that eats it's own babies
like the Donner party
No wait, like the last cannibals and head shrinkers
No wait, like Rod Serling smoking before he went on Night Gallery
with relish and like that was the last smoke he would ever smoke
To the cuticle? hell, I bit them to the elbow
“Jesus, I am out of here.”
“Ok, thanks Peter. Sorry, Paul. That was just weird enough for us to bring the band back”
“Let's hear it for Caps 'n Holsters-and a little country rock thing.”

Louis Marvin is Burbank born, Phoenix raised and Honolulu loving.

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