Monday, August 15, 2011

Gregory Wm. Gunn - One Poem

Ephemeron Song

Like a thundercloud it will burst
and I shall be aware but only
for a split second.

It will penetrate my skin
like a bolt, spring like a puma
from tired old eyes.

It will be both repugnant
as well as aesthetically appealing
like graffiti painted upon
the promised land’s walls.

Like a tenacious horse,
it will become unbridled,
command its own course.

It will flare up and radiate cheer
like a ballad master’s mouth
fanning flames.

And it will keep me on
lidless vigils
like terror-striking thrashes
of the setting sun.

Gregory Wm. Gunn live in London, ON. He is a graduate of Fanshawe College To date, his poems have been published in Inscribed Magazine, Green’s Magazine, The Toronto Quarterly, Songs for Every Race, One Earth, Ditch Magazine, Aim Magazine, Psychopoetica, Dream International, and Cyclamens and Swords. Also published are five collections of my selected poetry.

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