Friday, June 17, 2011

Ross Vassilev - One Poem


ask anyone who was ever poor:
eggs are the cheapest food.
we used to eat eggs 2 or 3 times
a week and no matter
how many different ways
of cooking them
you might know
you get sick of them pretty fast.
one time in the supermarket
I saw a woman
with her cart filled all the way to
the top with egg cartons
I guess she was fighting
inflation and
that might seem funny
but war on the poor
is standard business
in America
and if you’re not
on foodstamps
then you’re cutting coupons
at the very least
or maybe shoplifting
and so the “lazy and stupid”
as the rich call us
are multiplying like
and someday
we’re taking over.

Ross Vassilev was born in Bulgaria and now lives in Ohio. He's a poet and the editor of Asphodel Madness 2.0 (, his work has appeared extensively throughout the lit underground.

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