Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ilire Zajmi - One Poem

To Prishtina

In misty dawns
You resemble the lass
Waiting all night for her lover to come
Shootings defy the peace
At the gray daybreak at nightfall
While lovers sneaking
Quench their lust on magic beds
I hear your breath on your bosom
Pounding of evening footsteps
When a black robe is laid over shoulders
I feel your childbearing pain
In the veins of my blood
Laying wounded and dragging
At the Press Palace Ulpiana Sunny
Hill Dardania
And I fear Prishtina
For the dawns evenings lusts pain
And I fear Prishtina
For F r e e d o m.

Ilire Zajmi was born on October 16, 1971 in Prizren, south of Kosovo. Ilire writes poems, prose and is author of two poetry collections, one novel and a publicistic book. She works as a television journalist and also a professor in the field of media communication.

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