Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Craig Eldon Reishus - Two Poems

Your Move

The partygoers
who had deposited
their furs and mantles on the bed
inspected them severely
once the door finally unlocked
and out trundled Dylan and Tricia,
deliciously disheveled and coyly deadpanning.

Here, here.

You can’t spend the whole of your rock star life
giving fifteen-year-old girls heart palpitations –
at some point you have to rush in and marry old money.

Dylan takes Tricia.
It's like sacrificing a horse.

Before Turning on the Simpsons

It is Jan's curious belief
that the universe is shaped like a giant enema bag,
yet was created for some purpose other than giving enemas.

For a long while there was a very sober UFO to watch.
But then it turned into a fairly dizzy hot air balloon.

Craig Eldon Reishus lives south of Munich north of the Alps and is an anti-nuclear activist, anti-night club piano player, all-around pro webGuy, and translator of a broad score of films and books. He originates from Fort Smith, Arkansas. www.reishus.de

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