Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bobbi Sinha-Morrey - Two Poems

Silent Strings

In the cold half-light
of the kitchen it's
been another slow,
useless day and
unanswerable questions
press themselves on
my lips, recycling them-
selves in my head till
they are finally wound
to an end. Silence etches
itself into my skin.
Outside the bay window
dusk hangs over the lake
water, and I am at a loss
for words, hunched over
my crossword puzzles
again. Other women
who live in the house
whisper their secrets
into my brain as if I
am a part of their game
.My only wish is to be
away from the ghosts
who try to shake me
awake when I'm
asleep, and to be in
a safe, warm bed.
The soft windy voice
is like an interrogator
within. I listen to the
words, wrestling with
myself, and I win.

The Forsaken

In the cloudy twilight
I lay in my imagined
grave and when I look
down I see the feigned
hollow in the snow.
Shadows dip over the
space where my head
had been. Now I cling
to the starlight as night
ascends for there is
nothing here left to
see but the mirror of
myself and the memory
of an angel's wing
eclipsing the sun yes-
terday evening. In the
cold air I am parted
from my dying spirit
and, even if I make
a wish, time won't
let me wait for the
disquieting fate
when there is no
father in heaven.

Bobbi Sinha-Morey is a reviewer for the online magazine Specusphere and a poet. Her poetry has appeared in places such as The Houston Literary Review, Orbis, Gloom Cupboard, Pirene's Fountain, Poetic Monthly, and Einstein's Pocket Watch, among others. Plus, Bobbi's latest book of poetry, Petals Of Starlight, is available at

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