Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thom Woodruff - One Poem

You must listen to us.We are the people
What else will you call us-terrorists?We are not that-
we wish to travel to be with each other
without fear of drone or Predator
or roadside bomb or intrusive
intimate personal body invasion
or torture or waterboarding
or denial of our Constitutional civil liberties
We will listen -when you lead by example
instead of providing exceptions/exemptions-
allowing Vice Presidents and Presidents to be waterboarded
100% of all Government employees subjected to intrusive scrutiny
including pilots,politicians,airline hostesses
to be X-rayed/touched in intimate places
then we will believe "one ring rules them all"
Until Zen-one law for the rich and powerful
The rest of us told"do as you are told!"
Your power depends upon our consent
We withhold this for "unreasonable search and seizures"
You are treating the victims of terrorism as the terrorists
Until you listen to us and change these search and seizure rules-

Thom Woodruff is a prolific patron of poetry and a troubadour at large in Austin, TX. He hosts poetry readings at the Ba'hai Center and The Hideout, and is a large part of the central nervous system of live readings in the region.

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