Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carly Bryson - One Poem


They follow you,
the unmarked black beasts
scanning your emergence from anonymity.

You have no illusions about links
everything is linked and has been
from the beginning of civilization.

We should laugh at the irony--
the misnomer of civility.

Names, dates, faces, files, places
clandestine conversations,
revealing manipulations,
almost incomprehensible
how far it goes.

Relationships can be forged,
behaviors modified, thoughts created.

It’s a fitting field for psychopaths--
fear is an effective weapon.

Start asking the wrong questions
search psy/ops and cointelpro,
or a certain three letters
or certain systems,

then you are a threat
to some spook on night shift
with nothing better to do.

Break your silence
and you become a voice.

You are not to contemplate.

The rot runs high,
they know you well enough to recreate you.

They are GOD and you are GOD damned.

to wade in deep politics is costly--
but vigilance can kill you.

Carly Bryson lives in Houston, Tx and writes poetry and prose dealing with social and political topics and the dynamics of being human. She has some work published in Carcinogenic Poetry, Calliope Nerve, Poets Against War, Shine Journal, and ETC: A Journal of General Semantics.

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