Monday, October 25, 2010

Sabahudin Hadzialic - Two Poems


The music of my youth
trickles down the cracks
of bizarre illusions.
Is this
the destiny
or just a flutter
of bogus hopes ?

I assume
that I may become an artist
only if I am human.


Not just any artist
but human
form another universe !

The Master and Margarita of 21 Century

of my own vanity
sneaks into
entangled pores
of my degeneration.


All aboard !
the black cat
while the streetcar named desire
cuts off
the imbecile’s head.

My life
is too short
to grasp
that I have not lived at all !

Sabahudin Hadzialic was born in Mostar, 23.9.1960. Today, he is the member of the Writers' Association and, as the freelance journalist, the Association of Journalists of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Editor in chief of WWW magazine DIOGEN pro culture magazine ( ) and Editor in Chief of MaxMinus magazine ( ).

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