Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lewis Humphries - Two Poems

A Fractured Harmony

He would forgive her infidelities
(though numerous in their sum), through his
perception of lyrics and their
conciliating melodies.

Though she sought seclusion with strangers,
and in the least clandestine of places, her
absence never strayed beyond the pall
of midnight.

No purveyor to the arts of conversation,
when she returned to the marital home,
he would soon discern a concord through
quixotic resonance.

As the melodious weaves of Al Green
urged them, by the subtle coax of word,
to stay together through the flights of bliss
and quandary.

With each ascent of verse into chorus,
he would bid a callow shy at intimacy,
where such base intentions met the callused
verge of her contempt.

An affiliation, so ill at ease in silence,
(and with the corporeal feats of interaction),
that subsists only through the cadence
of three minute song.

Where each fracture in the melody,
seems a portent of separation,
a microcosm for the soundless drift
of time.

The End of Something

Beneath the window’s bay, in a perfectly
angular square of shade, there steeps the
sunken hollow beside a mound of grassy loam.
And in the space lies her remnants, arched yet
lifeless as the void dictates, an existence
smote idle by the motion of the blade.

She is consorted in indolence, (just
as in the feats of covetousness)
by her partner lying prone in juxtapose.
They were red hot lovers these two,
joined in a licentious collective, until their
ardour paid heed to the soft brogue of steel;

its whisper so persuasive, as the
contentions of an adulterous tongue,
beguiling lives along a barbed incline
to meet their end. Fleet, sinuous thrusts,
and their vigorous monotony, that
curb the wield of fanciful promise.

Whilst song, their song, diminishes to
resonance through a density of fabric,
gallant fleets of soil bound in time to
throttled beats. From a plunging brink towards
the fractured earth, each altruistic wisp gives
itself to the necessary exploits
of reprisal.

Lewis Humphries resides in Birmingham, United Kingdom and has been writing in his spare time for over 3 years. He mainly writes poetry and short fiction, about anything and everything that moves him. His publishing credits include Twisted Tongue Magazine, Tales from the Moonlit Path, Conceit Magazine, Everyday Poets, Ghostlight, Foliate Oak Literary, Bare Back Magazine, Franklin Christoph and The Blinking Cursor. He as also been featured in several UK and USA anthologies: - A Collection of work from Writers sold through, Gene Genii, a collection of Flash works sold through Amazon, and the Tacu May 2009 Anthology available through Lulu after a 4th place credit in their competition. He also writes non-fiction through and has a website -

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