Friday, October 22, 2010

Jay Coral - One Poem

Love has No Straw

not a red marks me
as a poster boy for Valentine
i walk plainly and
deceptively as an asphalt
why be spotted
like a gum on a shoe
when i can traipse
on the curb of invisibility
ain't it sad
that i rest my hands
in the pockets to warm
when we should be bridging
the cryptic lines on our palms
you've left me
you've seen me
my lips tell it all
gaunt like an anemic bat
i kiss the wind
and it flakes my skin
i should crave for a sore
that will infect pathos
maybe love
blown by a counterpoint
will come around

Jay Coral lives near a freeway. He sometimes stands under the bridge and watches the cars go by. He blogs whenever and whatever at

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