Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blake Ellington Larson - Two Poem

My First Enlightenment

came as black eyed susans
found light
in the midst of kansas

my soul was as young
as pickens go

lord have mercy
read the signs

i was touring hospitals when

my cousin and i

found new light
in blue lips

how nightgowns nurtured

what seemed like an accident
at first

My Friend Jon and I

drunk on walking cows
huddle our daydreams in a row

like pretty pots and pans
we try our damndest
to get the point across

without failure - our arrows shoot the moon

without warrant - our poems backfire

our plum drunk love stories
wait like chopped wood

and our fire hides
and our journals wait
and like clouds
and photographs
and string

we’re out there somewhere
ready to burn

Blake Ellington Larson invented the color pink. He does not collect Care Bears and most certainly doesn't have a subscription to The Believer. On a scale of one to awesome. He would definitely be awesome. He lives in the quiet suburbs of Alameda, California and would very much like to meet you. Additionally, he's been published by, Back Room Live, Beatnik Cowboy, Black Heart Magazine, Bolts of Silk and Picaresque.

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