Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Andrew Hilbert - Three Poems

The Secret Habit

The smoking smell of cigarettes
Lingers all day long
Like a bad cologne, everyone knows
You’re wearing it

Growing up

is realizing you are
and always were
just an average person
who had a higher
than average
opinion of yourself.

Purple Mountains

WHAT is there to Be
Ashamed of?

We are America the Grotesque

A collection of Mongrel

We live among
Road Kill

We drive Fast, do not
Look both Ways

Shoot guns, repack

We are the Few
We are the Proud

Frozen Beef Patty
Intercontinental Shipping

Home of the International

America, a Wonder!

Andrew Hilbert recently moved from CA to San Antonio, TX. He is one of the founders of Beggars & Cheeseburgers magazine.

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