Saturday, September 11, 2010

Susan Morgan Bosler - One Poem

For Love of County

Where do the roses bloom?
On city streets lined in gold
in boardrooms filled with suited souls
in country fields where children play
in backyard terrains with smoking grills.

Where do the roses lay?
On hallowed graves that have no name
in hearts where memory collects their petals
in time honored traditions and saving graces
in the laps of widows with eyes shut tight.

Where do the roses grow?
On rolling hills with windswept grasses
in heads and hearts of little children
in beaches filled with lazy sunbathers
in brave souls who have left their traces.

Susan Morgan Bosler is from California and has advanced degrees in History and Humanities. She has two books, "Bliss Despair and Risky Deeds" and "Poems of Love, Desire and Life."

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