Saturday, September 4, 2010

Julie Ellinger Hunt - One Poem


The grease from the radiator
left a smudge puddle in the shape
of a magnolia. Old Chevy Nova
traded for some food stamps
and a box of tools. Left idly outside
dressed in primer and a stolen plate.
A sawed off exhaust woke up two
neighbors. Mrs. Ambrose was screaming
something but I couldn’t hear her above
the clamor and pops.

Magnolia puddle still pools as you work
on the rusted body. Dirty blonde hair hangs
near your eyes. It’s three years later. The car
runs with less pops. It’s me that clamors.

Julie Ellinger Hunt resides in NJ with her crazy kids and even crazier husband (all three are probably part alien). Her full collection, "Ever Changing" is an ok to read but truly makes an awesome drink coaster :)

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