Saturday, September 25, 2010

AE Baer - One Poem

Falling Through

Everything is fresh paint in a gallery of blank canvas,
Haunted by the ghosts of artists
Who crouch in lost corners
Trying to find wrinkles in the dead well of their palms
Shaking like November bone leaves, a stripped windchime,
Or cold notes in the wood lung of my guitar,
Having failed to clutch the handfuls of love
That were supposed to last forever-
Because everything – everything,
Is a gamble for love-
The daffodil in the asphalt, the ash sky,
The words lost between,
The glass spine dew turning in the morning light,
And the tide of the now and the here,
All becoming a soft memory,
A delicate keepsake, a dream in watercolor,
Of you-

AE Baer is a recent graduate of George Mason University currently teaching English as a second language in South Korea. He has previously published work with The Fourth Dimension, Apollo’s Lyre, and several nonfiction pieces with DC-based think thanks.

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