Saturday, August 21, 2010

Howie Good - One Poem

Everything Reminds Me of Me

oil fires,
arranged marriages,

the phone calls

by the secret police,
Scott in the Garden

of Allah Hotel
mailing a postcard

to himself,
the daub of red

at the tip
of a seagull’s beak,

my dead mother
on the corner

waving goodbye,
goodbye, goodbye,

her face splotched
where the first few raindrops

have touched it.

Howie Good is the author a full-length poetry collection, Lovesick, as well as 21 print and digital poetry chapbooks, including most recently, "Hello, Darkness," available from Deadly Chaps.


  1. I like this one the best so far of the ones I read by you that I can find on the Web. Very beautiful in its simplicity.