Monday, July 12, 2010

Felino A. Soriano - Three Poems

Approbations 499
—after Misha Alperin’s Frozen Tears

Watched: I did. Performed
with eye attached string
wander with occurrences
abstracted by the weightless language
surrounding each personal body
bending: pain, pausing: pain, levitating: pain, medicated.

Apposition of flesh and aching flesh
unbalanced of elemental stories
told by body’s language of
obvious discontent.

Watched: I did. Watched
those running beings
branded by arrogant emotional obesity
conjure applauded effort
holding own and paralleling others’
positional surface of painful

Approbations 500
—after Vassilis Tsabropoulos’ Simplicity

Contours of salt bodies
rise and walk on tables’
invisible reenactments,
held by hands of running air,

Approbations 501
—after Jon Balke’s Double Line

Consultation, listen, speak,
double lines dialectical
condition. Artistic
seer speaks of hardened
acts, episodic disappointments, un
finished circuitry the mind
builds, dangerous. Walking
into open window of
a thought’s resembling safety
hankers of epochal warmth
resembling womb of holy
sitting, watching the lake
speak into silent
culture of trees, reeds of
serenading dances.

Felino A. Soriano (b. 1974), is a case manager and advocate for developmentally and physically disabled adults. Visit his website for information about his published poems, books, and editorships: Virgogray will release Felino’s newest collection of poems in September!

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