Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ross Vassilev - Two Poem

The Scarecrow Men with Smiles

rotting in Ohio
in the bowels of the Empire
in the heart
of the Axis of Evil
crows descend
from dead trees
and peck out my arsenic mind
I am not safe in the belly
of the beast
my spleen comes up
through my choking throat
I am not safe
in the military-industrial
horror, I fear
the Pentagon media
and the scarecrow men
moving their wet smiling lips
on tv
I am not safe from
their sordid lies
the eyes of the beast
are upon me.

Bad Poems

some of my poems
that've been published
here and there
most of 'em are
pretty good but there's
some that are real
the editors musta been
crackheads when they
published them
a bad poem
is a flea bite on my leg
nothing to
worry my balls over
certainly not nearly as bad
as poverty
and the endless wars.

Ross Vassilev was born in Bulgaria and now lives in Ohio. He's a poet and the editor of Opium Poetry 2.0 (http://opiumpoetry.blogspot.com/) and Asphodel Madness (http://asphodelmadness.blogspot.com/) blogzines.


  1. I think a lot of good poets should be able to relate to "Bad Poetry". Sometimes getting a bad poem published spurs you on to write better things.

    1. yeah, but the problem is those bad poems stay up forever