Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michael Aaron Casares - One Poem

Bastard Practices

2.52 million gallons a day,
don’t tell us not to blame the corporations
negligent is their claim
not too big to fail,
not too big to pay

2.52 million gallons a day
of a depleted resource
bleeding death to the earth
hollowing its arteries
spilling blood into the seas
spreading death upon the land

2.52 million gallons a day
this disaster started April 20, 2010
and to this day unstopped
The days are stacking on each other,
Time dispersed like oil gushing from
the wound

2.52 million gallons a day
digging other wells for relief
Do we know about the fissures
and cracks spewing oil,
plumes of blood sprouting in the sea,
or the bubble building miles wide beneath
the surface, underground?

2.52 million gallons a day
waiting patiently outside the quarantine
where lies are given to the masses
sheltered fragmentation spread across the screens
actors paid to act and lie or misdirect along with scripts
turn their cheek to evil, accept it and become

2.52 million gallons a day
we are bleeding with our hearts
defenseless, hoping that through consciousness
well get the answer that we need
we’ll get the consensus to heal

2.52 million gallons a day
2.52 million gallons more
and more, and more, and more…

Michael Aaron Casares is you and you are Michael Aaron Casares. A bit of his work has popped up at Calliope Nerve, you should go check it out Just search for Michael Aaron Casares or click on Michael Aaron Casares on the side bar. There is surely more to come. Thanks for continuing to read Carcinogenic Poetry!

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