Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gordon Mason - Two Poems

Here In Your Mind

I am a thought,
a glance,
a wild bird that flutters
in the roses.

I have never tasted
the sea,
drunk from white mountains
or parachuted
through a waterfall’s mist.

I have never ruffled
an owl’s quiff,
leapfrogged toadstools
or folded
robes of sunlight.

Yet I am here,
here in your mind,
to read my poems
in its empty rooms.


And so, we say,
friendship ends here
in a tidal column of cloud
that crumples the sky.

Today has the saddest eyes,
a tick of rain
before the thunder
swallows us into a house

roomed by chance.
Raw edges
of what might have been
scrape my metal fillings.

Magpies people the light
like an old movie
devoid of sound
but for a theatrical pianist.

We close the book
on the last brick of the story
as dark paint swathes
old weathered wood.

Born and raised in Fife, Scotland, Gordon Mason has been a member of The School of Poets at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh. His first collection of poetry entitled 'Catapult to Mars' was published in 2006 by Poetry Monthly Press. He has a poetry blog at www.catapulttomars.blogspot.com. Gordon resides in Scotland and in Spain.

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  1. These are fine poems by a talented artist. For instance, the ending of "Thunnerplump" ends with an almost stealthy cadence of well-rounded sound.