Friday, May 14, 2010

Jonathan Stanizzi - Three Poems

tranquil, serene
calming, hoping, solving
restful, quiet, roused, violent
arming, shelling, confronting
invasion, hostile

3.4.10- In The News Today, Amongst The Top Headlines

63 dead and dozens injured as thousands stampede in Indian Temple
Chile death toll reaches 800, from massive 8.8 quake and tsunami
Sex abuse suit, diocese knew of priest’s bizarre behavior
String of blasts target early voters killing 17 in Baghdad
Earthquakes in Taiwan cause damage and injury
Woman found dead, police seek husband
Shooting inside Danbury hospital…
Where to go from here?

Ripened Harvest

vines stream down like locks,
rooted where I rest, pull me towards the Earth
as I gaze upon the open, the vastness, that is just out
of grasp, seized in my imagination,
a contemplation, I taste the hillside
that I have taken in for some time now--
one evening as I bless away the day
like the day and day
before; I will reach over the wire
and stone to feast on
the ripened harvest

Jonathan Stanizzi is a father of two and a teacher of social studies at Hartford Magnet Middle School in Hartford, CT. He is a graduate from Central Ct State University and is currently a student at the Graduate Institute and receiving a Master's of Arts in Holistic Thinking in July of 2010.

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