Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paul Handley - One Poem


Prozac nation is a bitchy, defunct
Spy magazine-like, now called snark,
term that describes and infers an

unwillingness to face life and to
medicate out unpleasant thoughts

numbly bumping up against the
milieu, like a blind fish in the depths.

It infers a corresponding bluntness to
beauty and the conscience compulsion,

thus soulless to act, and leads a friend of
mine to reject the false “band aid”

as a friend of hers labels her “weakness”
and this slur and misunderstanding reminds

me of my own full coverage denial
of addiction as a disease, except that
mine is correct.

Paul Handley spent a career as a student and a student of odd jobs. He has an MA, an MPA, and is ABD. He has driven a cab and sold meat door-to-door. Paul has work included or forthcoming in Anemone Sidecar, Apollo’s Lyre, Boston Literary Magazine, Poesia and others.

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