Thursday, February 4, 2010

Andrew Hilbert - Two Poems

The Human Race as can be Represented on Lined Paper

Yelling & screaming
about something
with only a
minor understanding of,
if at all,
demanding to be understood.
An ugly, parading
mass of fat and sweat
snaking, slithering through
supermarket aisles
searching for the neon-
Looking for the Cliff’s
Notes version of life
yet still
unwilling to get
to the last page.

When You Shake

The first crowd,
when they heard “What’d I Say”
by Ray Charles,
what could they do but
& move
& grab the nearest woman
& shake their hips
with a drug and music induced kiss.
Capitalism has produced some genius.
Ray didn’t have to see
to know that people
were doing exactly
what he imagined them
to be doing.
He knew dresses were being
& drinks were being ordered
& money was being poured out
from men and women
who came
from anywhere
to meet somewhere
to pretend themselves
something else –
a better chance at getting laid.
capitalism has produced much genius.

Andrew Hilbert lives and works in Orange County, CA. He edits Beggars and Cheeseburgers magazine.

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