Friday, January 22, 2010

Gabby Tyrrell - One Poem

The Big Black Hole

The hole yawned again
full of statistics and data
bursting at the seams:
prisoners, prison officers, child benefits—
the list is endless.

Ministers with weak smiles
assure us no more data will be lost,
shipped out to private companies
on memory sticks and reports;
data is never-ending the black hole retorts.

If they lose personal information
do you trust them with your money?
On the other hand, will we all go bust?
Will the black hole next swallow
bank accounts, or will we all
disappear down the gaping black hole?
Is inept not the way to describe it all?

Gabby Tyrrell is a performance poet that started out in London with her first gig at the Hard Edge Club. She is a former Big Word poet. She has appeared at Deptford Albany theatre and various venues in the South East and has five booklets of poetry. Gabby won the Dail poetry competition and has been nominated for New Performer of the year in Dadafest.

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